a) The creation of a viable population of laurel pigeons on the island of Gran Canaria: this constitutes the main objective of this project, which requires the reintroduction of this species, endemic to the island, where human activity extirpated it at the end of the 19th Century. Thus arises the need to increase its range by promoting measures to restore and increase the laurisilva forests on the island of Gran Canaria.

The actions to be taken are:

1. The elaboration of protocols and methodology to be applied in the reproduction of the laurel pigeon in captivity.

2. The definition of locations and protocols for the release of pigeons.

3. A reintroduction plan for the Columba junoniae on the island of Gran Canaria.

4. Breeding in captivity.

5. The release of pigeons.

6. Post-release monitoring.

7. Predator control.


b) The regeneration, expansion and improvement of the laurel forest habitat on Gran Canaria. In order to ensure the stability of the laurel pigeon population on a long-term basis and its expansion within its potential range on the island, the laurisilva habitats shall need to be increased, improved and interconnected.

The actions to be taken are:

1. The elaboration of an inventory and evaluation of forest dynamics.

2. Plant production.

3. Actions to improve habitat quality.


c) The promotion among the local population of the environmental and socio-economical importance of regenerating and expanding laurisilva forests on the island, as well as all flora and fauna inhabiting them. In order to complete the laurel pigeon reintroduction and the expansion and improvement of the laurel forests successfully, the local population needs to be involved in the project. People will need to be motivated to participate and informed about its socio-economic benefits.

The actions to be taken are:

1. The elaboration of information material about the project.

2. Actions to increase awareness of locals and involved sectors.

3. The creation of an interpretation centre on the laurisilva forest and pigeons endemic to the Canary Islands.